Baked stuffed lumaconi

Baked stuffed lumaconi
18 min

I want to share with you a delicious recipe that is really flavourful. As pasta I use lumaconi, very good when stuffed and baked in the oven.

  • 320 g

    of Lumacone

  • 500 ml

    of milk

  • 350 g

    of sausage

  • 1 head

    of radicchio

  • 100 g

    of honey mushrooms preserved in oil

  • 40 g

    of butter

  • 1

    small onion

  • Nutmeg to taste

  • Grated Parmesan cheese to taste

  • Salt to taste

  • Extra virgin oil to taste

  • 40 g

    of flour

Recommended pasta for this recipe

Alternatively, you can use


Finely chop the onion, heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan and gently brown the onion over low heat. Take the skin off the sausage, break it up into smaller pieces and let it brown with the onion for 8 - 10 minutes. Stir in the sliced radicchio without any salt since there’s enough seasoning in the sausage for the whole dish. Oil an oven-proof dish with a little extra virgin olive oil. Cook the lumaconi in salted boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and fill with the sausage and radicchio. Pre-heat the oven. Prepare the white sauce: melt some butter in a saucepan with the flour, then stir in the milk, some freshly grated nutmeg and salt and simmer until the white sauce is not too thick. Arrange the lumaconi in the oven-proof dish. Pour the white sauce, mushrooms and grated Grana Padana cheese over the pasta and bake at 180°C for at least 20 minutes.

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