It brings out the bets in robust, cheese-flavoured sauces; excellent in oven-baked dishes.


Alessandro Borghese for ARMANDO

Italian Cooking, simplicity and controlled origin: genuinity is the basis of a collaboration with the Chef Alessandro Borghese. The recipes created using Pasta Armando are the protagonists of the TV programme Alessandro Borghese Kitchen Sound, on air from Monday to Saturday on SkyUnoHD and SkyUno+1. Discover all the recipes online too on our youtube and on RDS-kitchenSound!

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The farmers' stories

Pasta Armando is only made from 100% Italian durum wheat from the “Armando” production chain, a new way of being together for those who grow crops and those who make the products. Because Armando prefers deals to conclude to rather than contracts to sign.

Every farmer has his own method and a story to cherish.



The Armando Agreement 2017-2018




Fields cultivated by Armando agreement

What makes Pasta Armando special?

Armando's Dream


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