Armando pesto arrabbiata

Pesto all'arrabbiata

Strong and decisive flavour, with PDO Genoese Basil, Italian tomatoes and chilli pepper.

Ideal for enhancing pasta dishes, bruschettas and adding lively spiciness to cooking.

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fascia pesto

LIGURIAN RED SPICY PESTO - spicy cream made from basil and tomato

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g

Energy KJ 1987 Kcal 482
Fat 47,1 g -
of which saturated fatty acids 6,78 g -
Carbohydrate 7,55 g -
of which sugar 7,48 g -
Protein 4,68 g -
Salt 1,80 g -

Extra virgin olive oil (22.5%), sunflower seed oil, cashew nuts, P.D.O. Genoese Basil (9 %), tomato pulp (9 %), tomato paste (9 %), whey powder, P.D.O. Grana Padano cheese (milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme: natural egg protein), dried tomato powder (1.5%), garlic, salt, pine nuts, plant fiber (bamboo), chili pepper (0.5%), acidity regulator: citric acid.

Keep in a cool, dry place far from heat sources. Once opened, top up with oil and keep refrigerated for up to ten days.

Product origin: Italy

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