100% Italian wheat pasta


The Armando Agreement is much more than a business deal. It is the sharing of a certain vision of the future by those whose livelihoods depend on wheat. By signing it, the producer, farmers and agronomists commit to producing high quality raw material, forging a bond between the land, the wheat and our pasta.

Armando prefers forging genuine
bonds to merely signing deals


Producer, Farmers and Consumers. Everyone plays an important role in the ecosystem of Armando, that is fed thanks to the commitment and passion of every leading player.


ARMANDO is special because it is made only with selected varieties of 100% Italian wheat that meet the standards of our Growers’ Specifications: wheat with a minimum protein content of 14.5%, a propensity to be made into pasta and a balanced quantity and quality of gluten to ensure a pasta that’s tasty and healthy.


The wheat is ground into flour at our own mill

Fewer than 10% of Italian pasta producers have their own milling facilities directly connected to the pasta factory. We control every phase of processing the wheat, from cleaning to milling, in order obtain flour that is always fresh and to ensure the unique taste of our pasta.


The milling and pasta-making machines use advanced techniques and respect the environment

The factory in Flumeri, where integrated installations transform wheat into pasta, allows for taking the semolina straight from the Mill to the adjoining Pasta Factory.
There it is kneaded with pure water from springs of Irpinia to produce Armando’s Pasta.
Master pasta makers carefully check all stages of production so that the quality of the raw materials are retained, and organoleptic characteristics are preserved.


Behind any piece of land where wheat is cultivated there are many secret dreams. One dreams of getting one’s wheat on everyone’s plate, safeguarding Italian farming traditions and living off the fruit of one’s work imagining a future in farming for oneself and one’s children.


Come, get to know the farmers who have chosen to join the Grano Armando Project to see their dreams take shape. The Armando’s pasta you put on your table is made only with their wheat!


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